goodevas: surprise sale 28% off

Deal Expires December 31, 2025
goodevas: surprise sale 28% off
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goodevas: surprise sale 28% off

Deal Expires December 31, 2025
goodevas: surprise sale 28% off
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Synonymous with innovation in children’s play and learning, Goodevas emerged in 2020 with the launch of a range of Montessori-inspired climbing frames, furniture and playhouses. Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine by friends and three parents, the brand embodies a strong commitment to enriching childhood through games that are not only fun but also developmental. As Goodevas expands its reach to Singapore, it brings its philosophy of nurturing children’s happiness, overall health, agility, independence and curiosity.

Goodevas was founded on the founders’ personal experiences and aspirations as parents. They saw an opportunity to make a positive and sustainable impact on children’s development through well-designed play equipment. Each product is carefully designed to support the principles of the Montessori method, encouraging independent activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Goodevas stands out for its blend of quality, safety and educational value, making it a popular brand among parents and educators.

Unique Features and Benefits of Goodevas Products

Goodevas offers several unique benefits that set it apart in the highly competitive children’s educational toys and furniture market.

1. Montessori-inspired design: All Goodevas products are designed with Montessori educational principles in mind, encouraging self-learning, physical development and creative play.

2. Safety and quality: Our products are produced in partnership with experienced manufacturers to ensure they meet the highest safety and durability standards. This commitment is reflected in the use of child-safe materials and sturdy construction.

3. Adaptable and versatile: From climbing frames to wooden playhouses, Goodevas products are versatile and grow with your child, adapting to the developmental needs of different stages.

4. Aesthetically appealing: Combining functionality and aesthetics, Goodevas offers products that are not only educational but also aesthetically pleasing, making them the perfect fit for any home or educational environment.

5. Eco-friendly materials: Goodevas is committed to sustainable development and in line with the values ​​of modern Singapore consumers, we use eco-friendly materials that are safe for children and the environment.

Goodevas Return and Exchange Policy

Goodevas understands the needs of families and offers a thoughtful return and exchange policy. Customers in Singapore can return or exchange products if they do not meet their expectations or there is a quality issue. This policy builds customer trust and satisfaction, allowing families to have peace of mind about the products they purchase.

Save money at in Singapore

Goodevas makes its innovative products more accessible through various cost-saving opportunities.

– Promotional discounts: Regular promotions and discounts are offered to make it easier for parents in Singapore to invest in quality Montessori products.

– Bundle offers: Buying multiple items together often results in savings, encouraging parents to create a holistic Montessori-friendly play environment.

– Free shipping: Goodevas offers free shipping options that significantly reduce the total cost of purchasing and receiving products in Singapore.

Moreover, customers in Singapore can avail exclusive discount codes from This website features the latest Goodevas discount codes tailored specifically for the Singapore market, offering further discounts and making these premium products even more affordable.

How to Use Discount Codes on

Using discount codes on is easy and convenient.

1. Select Products: Select the Montessori climbing frames, furniture and other educational toys you want to buy.

2. Add to Cart: Add your desired products to your shopping cart.

3. Proceed to Checkout: Go to the checkout page to complete your purchase.

4. Enter Discount Code: While checking out, look for the option to enter a promo code. Enter the discount code you received from

5. Apply Code: Apply the discount and update the total cost of your order. Verify that the discount has been applied correctly.

6. Complete Purchase: Review the final amount to ensure all discounts have been applied and complete your purchase.