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About Avalon Magic Plants

Avalon Magic Plants is a smart store based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2008, they are dedicated to the magic of mushrooms, cannabis, sage and ayahuasca. They are one of the fastest growing online sellers of psychoactive substances in the world. They have seen huge growth recently due to a growing customer base, and this support has opened the door to a variety of products, from kratom to Peyote cactus and more. They want you to have the best experience with their products, all of which are completely legal in the Netherlands, and as a company they are committed to celebrating the power of plants.

Avalon Magic Plants Dutch Savings Tips
They sell site-wide, so check out the info banner on the homepage for great deals.
Sign up to receive a newsletter of special offers and new product announcements.
If you live in the EU, you can buy a mushroom growing kit and have your own mushroom farm at home. That way, you’ll get fresher produce and won’t pay a premium for produce that you can grow yourself.

Avalon Magic Plants has a loyalty points system. You can earn Avalon Magic Plants loyalty points by completing various activities. If you buy something, you get five points for every euro you spend. If you recommend them to someone, you will get 250 points. If you set up an account, you will get 10 points. If you write a review, you will get 100 points. Then on your next purchase, you can use the points towards the purchase of that item. 100 points equals 1 Euro.

Are there coupons for Avalon Magic Plants?
You can search for the latest Avalon Magic Plants coupons at You’ll find Avalon Magic Plants discount codes for up to 25% off your order. Coupons are generally generic and therefore applicable to any order.

Is there a sales page for Avalon Magic Plants?
You will not see the For Sale tab on the website. Instead, you’ll see sales across the site, and you’ll also learn about offers in the website banner. By signing up for the brand newsletter, you’ll get information about upcoming special offers and new products.

Does Avalon Magic Plants have a rewards or loyalty program?
The brand’s loyalty program allows you to earn points by completing various activities. You earn points when you buy something, recommend the brand to a friend, or open an account. The brand awards 100 points just for writing a review.

Does Avalon Magic Plants offer free shipping?
Unfortunately, the brand does not offer free shipping anywhere in the world. The company recommends placing a “trial order” to determine what shipping costs will be.

How do I apply for an Avalon Magic Plants coupon?
Once you’ve made your selections and added them to your online pack, copy the Avalon Magic Plants coupon you’d like to apply to your order. Return to the Avalon Magic Plants page and paste your code into the “Coupon/Promo Code” box at checkout. Click Apply.

What do you need to know about the shipping process from Avalon Magic Plants to the Netherlands?
Every time you shop at Avalon Magic Plants in the Netherlands, you prove that you are over 18 years old. Every time you buy from them, you are responsible for the item you buy. Avalon sells items such as mushrooms, herbs, and drug paraphernalia. All content on their website is legal in the Netherlands where they are based, but they are not responsible for the laws elsewhere. They don’t ship to a handful of countries, so keep that in mind before buying.

For EU countries excluding the UK, free shipping is offered on all orders over €175.

After payment, Avalon can take up to 30 days to ship the product to you. Their packages are shipped five days a week, Monday through Friday, and if you want to place an order within three business days, they have a courier service. They ship everything in discreet packaging without any commercial information on the outside.

If you live outside the EU, Avalon Magic Plants Netherlands recommends buying small orders so you can test how long it will take to get to you. That way, you’ll know what to expect before spending a lot of money.

For cheap shipping, you can select “regular shipping” at checkout. It’s just like any other letter you send in the mail. It’s slower and you won’t get any tracking information, but it’s also cheap and discreet.

They offer free “stealth shipping” for very small orders, such as salvia extract and hemp seeds. This means they take items out of any original packaging and put them in unmarked, pressure-proof packaging. Especially if you live in the US, this is a great option to make sure your order reaches you safely.

How can you get in touch with Avalon Magic Plants Dutch support?
The best way to contact them is at or through the contact form on their website.